Illustrating is one of my passions and I am constantly looking for ways of improvement. I took a three year manga course at Escola Joso and have kept experimenting since then. I am also an East Asian Studies graduate (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona) and am undertaking a master in Arts and Cultural Management at the moment (King's College London).

I am currently working on a few commissioned and personal projects, but also open to new propositions.

Feel free to contact me in either English, Spanish or Japanese languages.






Sketch blog:



Collective exhibition QUEST in Mircon (XXXII HispaCon).

"Run!" Original comic in collaboration with Marta Salmons. Silent Manga Audition Excellence Award.

"Sword and Cloak" Epic Fantasy BL Anthology (Déjà Blue Circle): illustration.

"A sight you've never seen before" Free! fanbook (LnG): illustration.

Jules Verne Anthology (Crashed Asteroid): original comic.



"Kuro-E Challenge" (Cyclic Redundancy): character design and associated illustrations.

SOS Saga game project (Jennifer Golliday): Character art.


Collective exhibition BackStage.

"Libro S" artbook (Ediciones Babylon): illustration

"Corner of Memories" Persona 3&4 fanbook (Ai-wa and Never-knows): illustration.

"Birds of Prey" Assassin's Creed BL Anthology (Déjà Blue Circle): 4 page fancomic.

"Behind the Mask" Superhero BL Anthology (Déja Blue Circle): illustration


"Kuro-E artbook" (Cyclic Redundancy and Nya Ediciones): illustration

"Lis en Fleur" no. 1: illustration

"Everything is Permitted" Assassin's Creed BL Anthology (Déjpa Blue Circle): illustration.


"Parallele" artbook (Studio XIII): illustration,

"Life in a Glasscase" no.4: illustration.

"Magical Connections" (Maneki Studio): illustration

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